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Buccaneers vs Panthers Stream: The wreckage of the Jameis Winston train opened the season with a record 31-17 points in the hands of the 49ers and its 3 interceptions, with multiple appearances in missteps being the main reason. The rumors are hot and fierce with regard to the club that decides to look at the future QB position. You can be 100% sure that Winston is aware of this and sits in the hot seat because he has to intervene or wait for a new address and possibly a new niche in the depth map to replace QB. Career backup is booming in the league.

Jameis Winston, the quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is the most important question we should ask ourselves. Another match like last week’s three attempts at interception against the San Francisco 49ers and Bucs may have no choice.

Two of these three last week’s decisions were returned for touchdowns. The Bucs are lucky that they managed to avoid a day with five eavesdropping attempts when the 49ers escaped one and rebounded another from the defender. He also missed the ball twice, but Tampa Bay could at least recover.Head coach Bruce Arians paused after saying that the press was not Winston’s fault. He can also be an accomplished coach, unwilling to put the quarterback under the bus, at least not yet publicly, not yet.

The game broke the Bucs early last week and Winston made some amazing games that were canceled by scoring. In the middle of the first quarter he switched off a faceless throw that hit a 49er LB in a bread basket on a single course. He dropped it because he was in the defense for a reason. The Bucs have avoided a ball here. Her luck did not last.

However, the first interception was not the fault of Winston, who hit his TE Howard with both hands in a tight midfield. Howard let the very catchy ball bounce off his hands and you could see the turn before that happened. This was bad luck for Winston. An Elite QB needs to have the confidence to take these shots under difficult conditions. He beat his man with both hands.The second was all Winston, while making a terrible pass over and behind his catcher, who carried out an 8-meter trailer hitch on the right. Richard Sherman collected the gift and with a timely gallop in a desperate duel attempt, the 6-Choice for the 49er. Ouch.

Early on the fourth day with the crew behind the wheel and in his pocket he waits, waits and waits just before the last possible moment before hurrying, then he almost throws the ball into the bleacher, which is a simple call for the field. officials. The second bad decision this time was that the team reduced the score from 14 to 20. This led to a fourth goal from the 2-yard line, where Winston launched a pass that would have had to be intercepted in the end zone (and probably there would have been 100 backyard choices 6) but the 49ers have prevailed over themselves 2 , This is considered sales, but the Bucs have finally received 3 points of exchange when the 49ers n could not come out of the shadows of their own goal. The defense of the Bucs has improved a lot, but this series has led to many bad decisions of the beleaguered quarterback.

Then, at 2:07 in the match on the 1st and 10th of their 21-meter line, the Buccaneers called a pass. The pressure quickly rose in the direction of Winston because his fall was a bit slow, he panicked and started a swimmer towards RB, which was surrounded by 49 defenders. Good coverage was unimportant as Winston pushed her three meters over the finish, and the closing Witherspoon, the 49ers DB, took the gift in flight by raising the ball onto a ball of arms as Neon-Deion swirled. Style in the end zone. Game over.

The second choice of the game for Winston and the outstanding performance of the rest of the Tampa Bay team are completely lost. Both commentators, who complained about the bad decisions of the Bucs QB, made it clear that the wreckage of the Jameis Winston train entered the station for the night.

At present, these types of games have become a common feature for Winston. He made 14 selections in 11 games last year, and since his first total deployment in 2015, he has often had several eavesdropping attempts. He had 16. The Winston game could be a real problem for a coach like Arians, who likes to throw the ball and shoot.

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