Buccaneers vs Panthers Live

Buccaneers vs Panthers Live: The Bucs have a short week, which means you will not have to wait that long to see more Bucs football. This time, they are on the national stage when they face their rival Carolina Panthers on Thursday night.The two teams started their season from 1 to 0.

In a difficult area south of the NFC, a first division for Tampa Bay will be crucial, forcing Carolina to take a 2-0 start while beating his record to 1 in evening. 1 set up. However, it will not be easy with less than five days to prepare. Despite the loss, Carolina is still a tough opponent. The Bucs split the playoffs one and last year and lost a match against Carolina in Charlotte, but they won their home game later in the year. This is the first time Arians, as head coach of the Buccaneers, faces an opponent of the division.

“They are always good and Ron [Rivera] is a great coach,” said Arians. “I think Cam [Newton] is a prime time player, if there is one, so we’ll do his best. [I] played.” He is so often in Arizona that we know him and we know each other. During the short week, the most important thing is to be fresh and ready to move in the spirit and know what we are doing. “The game will be available on the NFL network as well as in a live stream accessible via Yahoo Sports or the official Buccaneers app. See below for more details.

Three interceptions and a seasonal shift did not allow Winston to be a quarterback in Tampa Bay. Arian’s addition to the sideline and his ambition to refine and revise Bucs’ top pick for 2015 started badly in Tampa’s 31-17 loss to San Francisco. Of course, it’s only week 2, but it’s time for Winston to introduce himself and do it regularly. Unfortunately, the numbers do not speak for him. On the way to Charlotte, Winston has lost 12 games on the road – most for an active quarter – and he’s 0-3 on TNF. The good numbers for Winston are that he has not had a choice in his last two games against the Panthers, including a win in the 13th week of last season. Making a profit and limiting sales is exactly the result and the performance sought by Winston.

Winston and Newton received countless commendations: they each won the BCS National Championships, the Heisman Trophies, the best overall selection, a Pro Bowl selection and, since 2015, most of the three out of three interruptions. undecided (seven)).

However, Newton’s situation does not quite match that of Winston. Nobody calls the Panthers quarter to show he can still lead the team. In the first game of the season with a team of 30: 27 against the Rams, Newton failed to find the end zone and threw the ball, according to the next generation, once in 38 attempts over 20 meters . Over the past two seasons, Newton’s aerodromes have declined and averaged 6.3 on Sunday. On Thursday, victory is the most important thing for Newton and Carolina, but the triple Pro Bowler can silence the doubters with deep balls.

How will Gerald McCoy influence the game against his former team and his new opponent?Gerald McCoy, who was released in Tampa Bay after nine exceptional seasons this spring, was not a fan of how things ended with the Bucs, claiming he had rarely heard of coaches because his days in Florida were numbered. ,

He also made an exception when Ndamukong Suh – who signed McCoy’s departure from Bucs – received his previous jersey number – No. 93 -.and here we have a short week of training ahead of us, but McCoy has to face his former team for months (though under a new coaching regime).

Although McCoy’s high price was probably the main reason for its release, its production has also declined, as evidenced by the 28 tackles and six sacks of last season. The duels were his lowest since a 2011 season with six games. In his debut with the Panthers, he had denied only a duel against the Rams.

That’s good, the old-fashioned narration of the NFL. A former franchise face has evolved and returns with a divisive rival, and coolness is getting ready. However, McCoy and the Panthers may be more appropriate for old McCoy to emerge and give reason to believe that the former Pro Bowler, 31, six years old, could still change the game.

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